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Did you know that Arlington is still collecting glass recyclables?

Arlington County is asking residents to stop placing glass in their blue recycling bins. The County concluded that it is no longer economically or environmentally sustainable to continue to collect glass recyclables via single-stream recycling, and removing glass will maximize the benefit of Arlington County’s recycling stream.

However, Arlington County continues to provide glass recycling options.

For residents who still have glass, the County recommends one of the following:

  • Place glass recyclables in your black trash carts for pick-up where it will be processed at the Covanta Waste-to-Energy facility in Alexandria.
  • Drop off glass recyclables at the County’s two recycling drop-off centers for crushing and reuse as construction and landscaping material — Quincy Park and the County Trades Center.

Additionally, residents can:

  • Buy fewer products in glass containers and more in recyclable metal or even plastic.
  • Reuse glass containers for new storage and other purposes.

Find more information about these changes here.

Check out answers to some Frequently Asked Questions, or contact the County’s Department of Environmental Services (DES) with any questions not answered in the FAQs.

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